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How CBD Can Help Your Hair

April 5, 2021

With the stress and anxiety that so many people have experienced this year, oftentimes the stress can seriously impact our bodies. With this, many people have noticed an increased amount of hair loss, as a result of the heightened stress and anxiety so many have been experiencing. So how do you combat hair loss as a male or female?


With so many products on the market it’s almost impossible to know what product(s) will actually have a positive effect on re-stimulating hair growth, which is exactly why our team of specialists have broken down the three reasons you should look to CBD hair products for the support of hair growth.


To kick things off, why are there CBD infused hair products on the market right now? Well recently, cannabis and its components—CBD, most notably along host of other ednocannabinoids—has been ingredients of interest to almost every possible industry you could think of. Apart from its incredible therapeutic benefits of healing chronic ailments, the constituents of the plant are quite competent to tackle everyday problems such as that of your hair. With that, remedies with the magic of CBD oil infusion could give you luscious and gorgeous hair in no time.


Here is a list of what CBD infused hair care can do for you:


Treats Scalp Conditions: CBD has potent anti-inflammatory properties that aid in soothing inflammation on the scalp, for example, like eczema. The irritation and patchy flaking of the skin in the scalp can affect hair growth and lead to premature baldness in serious cases. The cannabinoid receptors present on the scalp interact with CBD oil to regulate the functioning of the immune system, and therefore helps mitigate any scalp issues you may be experiencing.


Encourages Hair Growth: CBD infused hair products are filled with the goodness of omega fatty acids that seal moisture in the hair and nourishes the cuticles. Massaging the scalp with the oil soothes the dryness on the scalp by absorbing the nutrients and promotes hair growth, according to studies on the inhibition of human hair follicle growth by endocannabinoids.
Another way in which CBD oil can benefit hair growth is by improving blood circulation. Improved blood flow in the area near hair follicles encourages the growth and strengthening of your hair. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to elevate cerebral blood circulation that results in nutrients reaching the hair for good growth.


Prevents Hair Damage: Last, CBD based hair products are one of the best solutions to repair damaged hair and restore its beauty. Many products feature a potent moisturizing property that can help treat dry and lifeless hair, and also smoothens texture and creates a better appearance. CBD based hair products (like CBD hair oil and CBD Shampoo) also act upon the scalp to cleanse deposits of chemicals that could block the hair from growing properly. It strengthens the roots by providing the necessary nutrients such as calcium and iron for healthy hair growth. The antioxidants from the oil can help protect it from environmental damage and repair the breakage. It even protects the hair from suffering water loss by keeping it well hydrated and nourished, even in harsh weather conditions.


And like we always say, it’s incredibly important to make sure you are getting QUALITY products to actually see the effects of the CBD, like this nourishing CBD based Shampoo and this top rated CBD Hair oil, meant to improve hair density.

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