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Let’s Talk About Standardization in the CBD Industry.

March 18, 2020

Recently, there has been a big shift in the beauty industry as more and more brands have emerged with their own lines of CBD infused products. With this, major retailers like Sephora have taken strides to regulate the kinds of CBD infused products that they sell. 

In a recent conversation with the Beauty Independent, one of our Founders, Rob Brown, shared his thoughts on what this means for the industry. 

After the launch of this article, there was a great deal of murmur within our community to share more about these regulations and what it means for the beauty industry, and you. Our content team had the chance to sit down with Rob to hear his (very) insightful thoughts in the hopes of informing all of you about the benefits of CBD in your beauty products and what to look out for when it comes to the kinds of CBD you are purchasing. 

P.G.Prime: What issues have occurred that brought Sephora and other retailers to a place where they want to consider standardization in the industry? 

Brown: After the farm bill was signed in January 2019 and CBD was taken off the controlled substance list, there were hundreds of CBD brands that entered the market.  The FDA held a public hearing in May of 2019 regarding CBD and announced that they would be providing guidelines and rules regarding CBD products but have yet to release them. 

Unfortunately, this means there are no real rules or regulations for CBD products. What Sephora has done is come out with a standardization program so that their customers can be confident in what they are buying when it comes to CBD.  

Although Physicians Grade is not currently sold at Sephora we believe that these rules are a good thing and we do meet all of Sephora’s guidelines. Our customers can also buy with confidence that we are providing the highest quality ingredients and that our labels are accurate as to what is in our products each and every time. 

P.G.Prime: Why is transparency in the CBD industry so essential?  

Brown: Transparency is critical in any business but especially when it comes to CBD.  Customers want to know where the Hemp is being grown, what extraction method is being used and is the product being 3rd party tested so that the consumer can buy with confidence.  There are hundreds of CBD brands on the market but only a handful are truly transparent and provide customers with all the information they need to make a well-educated buying decision. That’s why we have QR codes on all of our packaging. 

P.G. Prime: What do you think the future is for the relationship between mainstream beauty retailers & department stores and the CBD industry?  

Brown: The thing about CBD is that it really works.  It provides so many benefits for beauty and skin care on its own and then when mixed with other known ingredients it can provide even greater benefits.  So, beauty retailers and department stores cannot ignore CBD and are starting to really embrace it. The concern is about quality and transparency. They want to ensure their customers that they are providing them with quality and trusted products. That is one of the reasons Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom all selected PG Prime as one of their trusted CBD brands. We can provide not only high-quality products that their customers want to buy, but we can also provide them with the peace of mind that our products are what we say they are.

Do you have any questions about CBD and standardization in the industry? Comment below! 

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