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What is Better CBD Tinctures or Capsules?

September 11, 2021

Whether you are trying CBD for the first time, or you are someone that has seen the incredible impact that CBD can have on your physical and mental health, it can oftentimes be a bit overwhelming to understand which way you should be taking CBD. 


From CBD tinctures vs CBD oils to CBD capsules, there are an assortment of ways that you can take CBD.  Two of the most common ways to take CBD are either in a tincture or in a capsule. So which kind is best for you? And how should you take them, well let’s break it down for you! 


To begin, one is not better than the other, so long as the CBD is as high quality as possible, it really comes down to personal preference which kind of CBD you take, as CBD capsules and CBD oils differ in several ways, including appearance, versatility, and general consumption technique. 


So what are the differences?


Appearance and Consumption:  The main difference between CBD capsules and CBD tinctures is the fact that CBD tinctures offer you the opportunity to take CBD oil out of a dropper, while capsules are exactly what you think they would be– a capsule with CBD. 


With this many people say that it is easier to take CBD in a capsule form compared to taking CBD oil out of a dropper. 


Accuracy: Though CBD capsules may be easier to consume if you are someone that is used to taking a variety of pills, you are able to be much more accurate with your dose amount if you take CBD out of a tincture. 


With this, you will also start to feel the effects of CBD quicker if you take CBD oil via a tincture compared to a capsule. 


Taste: Many people don’t like the grassy taste of hemp, which is why there are flavored CBD tinctures that you can try. With that, CBD capsules are also a great option if you do not like the grassy taste of CBD. 


And if you want to learn more about the general effects CBD can have, head to this post on our website where we break it all down for you! 


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