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    Cool Mint Roll-On RELIEF + 750mg CBD
    Cool Mint Roll-On RELIEF + 750mg CBD
    Cool Mint Roll-On RELIEF + 750mg CBD

    Cool Mint Roll-On RELIEF + 750mg CBD

    CBD roll-on topical healing gel works by deeply penetrating the toughest aches and pains to provide cooling and soothing relief.

    This unique roll-on applicator makes it easy for everyone to apply themselves and also great while traveling.

    • 750 mg Pure CBD Isolate
    • Soothing Cooling Relief
    • Easy No-Mess Roll-On Ball Applicator
    • Fast Absorbing Gel Formula

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    For Best Results

    • Apply to desired area frequently to provide lasting relief
    • Use pre/post workout to help combat exercise induced inflammation 
    • Keep a journal and log your daily relief on a scale of 1-10 to track your progress

    When to use


    To help temporarily relieve minor aches and pains to get the body moving


    To help relieve body aches during the day and while on the go

    Post Exercise

    To help overall body recovery and reduce stiffness and soreness


    To help get a more comfortable night’s sleep

    Advanced relief never felt better

    When you aren’t feeling your best, its hard to motivate yourself to get moving. Our cool mint roll-on relief was designed with you in mind.  Knead sore muscles and joints, massaging tender areas while providing cooling relief.

    With Menthol for Added Benefits

    Menthol goes on cool and then slowly warms providing comfort and relief. Menthol has been used for centuries to treat minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. 

    What’s in the bottle?

    only premium relief

    99% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate

    Cannabidiol Isolate is by definition 99.1%+ pure CBD. CBD Isolate is widely used by athletes, business professionals, and performers as it contains no THC and won’t register on a drug test. It is the purest form of CBD available, containing no other cannabinoids besides CBD.


    Menthol works by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm, it’s known as a counterirritant. Menthol has been shown to cause a “pleasing sensation that counteracts pain” (Harvard University) for people experiencing discomfort .

    Don’t just take our word for it…

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    Frequently asked questions

    Cool Mint Roll-On Relief

    How much do I need to apply?

    Use the roller ball to apply and massage a generous amount to the affected area.

    How long should this last for?

    While everyone is different, most commonly it lasts from several hours to a half-day or longer per application.

    What makes this cream “cooling”?

    The cooling effect largely is a result of the menthol which provides a soothing sensation.


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