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How to Find The Right CBD Dosage For You

August 17, 2021


Ever wondered how much CBD you should take to feel the greatest effects from CBD? Well to begin, why should you even try CBD?  CBD has been known to have a great deal of healing properties. From improved sleep, to combating anxiety and helping relieve muscle pain, the potential effects that CBD can have on both your body and mind are endless. 


One of the best ways to take CBD is via a tincture or capsule, but how do you know how much CBD to take? 


In this post we will talk about our recommendations for how much CBD to take via a tincture (one of the most popular ways to take CBD), to feel the best results from CBD. 

How to find the right CBD dosage

To begin it’s important to know that the dosage of CBD you take varies based on what you want to use it for. 


If you want to use CBD for sleep:

  • It’s recommended that the average 170 pound person takes about 50mg of CBD for sleep, if you weigh less, take less, if you weigh more, take more. Finding the right dosage of CBD is all about trial and error. 
  • In each bottle of CBD there are 40 drops worth of CBD. To figure out how many droppers of CBD you need for sleep, divide the total milligram amount with the amount of drops per bottle (40). This will tell you how many droppers you should use to get that 50mg amount. 
  • For example-  A 1,500mg bottle would require about 1.25 droppers to get 50mg of CBD. 


If you want to use CBD to feel better overall:

  • It’s recommended that the average person (again based on the 170 pound scale) takes 30-50mg per day. 
  • You should break up your dosage, half in the morning half at night. 
  • The same formula for sleep can be applied to using CBD for overall health and wellness.
  • Divide the total dosage amount of your tincture/ 40 droppers to get how much CBD is in each dropper and take accordingly. Half in the morning, half at night! 


Again, finding the right dosage of CBD is all about trial and error, but by starting off with these recommendations, you’ll be one step closer to feeling the wonderful effects that CBD may have on your health and wellness! Once you determine which dose is right for you, shop our top rated CBD tinctures! 

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