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Your Guide to Using Topical CBD After Golf or Tennis

April 18, 2021

With the warmer weather upon us, many people will be heading outside to play recreational sports like golf, tennis and much more! With that, as many people go from staying inside during the winter months, to then heading outside and becoming more physically active, it’s very common for those of us to experience increased muscle soreness after getting back into activities like golf, tennis and outdoor biking. 


So how can you mitigate this soreness? Well we bet you didn’t know that CBD (short for cannabidiol) is filled with healing properties that can help ensure that your muscles can stay in tip top shape this spring! 

CBD Topical Pain Relief

Topical CBD Helps Relieve Pain and Muscle Soreness After Golf and Tennis

Let’s walk through how CBD can help with muscle soreness after playing golf, a long tennis match and much more: 


Reduce Inflammation: According to recent studies,  CBD is thought t reduce pre and post exercise inflammation, and help mitigate muscle pain, to provide very strong relief. The anti-inflammatory benefits in CBD can help you recover faster, improve your training, and avoid delayed muscle soreness.


Pain Relief: Cannabis is a natural pain reliever, which means it can help to relieve pain both during and after exercise. Many athletes use CBD post-workout to help manage pain from muscle aches, to sore joints, and older injuries. That’s why, after you are done with your long golf game, or tennis match, apply some of our Relief Roll-On, to feel almost immediate muscle relief. 


It’s Anti-Catabolic:  Research has shown that CBD can help reduce the breakdown of lean muscle tissue and even help to build more muscle mass. CBD has been shown to decrease the number of catabolic hormones in the body and regulate the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue to supply the body with blood sugar, which will help you with your overall health. 

Long of the short, adding a CBD Topical Cream or Roll-On  to your tennis or golf bag, will help your muscles recover after a long game, so you can operate at even better performance. 

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